Of all things known to man, love is the most beautiful and the most insidious. 

Love is both saint and sinner. 

No other person, place, or thing has dealt more healing, nor more devastation.

Through it, the deepest wounds are both healed or reopened.

Different sides of the same coin…

It inspires, but also demoralizes. 

Raises up and breaks down. 

It arouses peace and instigates war.

Violent and vibrant.

Feast and famine playing in tandem.

Love is a wall, where a door used to be, and then perhaps a door again.

Provider and depriver.

No smile could ever be purer, but no pain more paralyzing.

And yet...

I still believe.

Like a fire, I appreciate it's warmth, but know it's burn well.

Love/hate relationship with the 3rd degree scars I carry, that others judge.

I see it's forever, but have learned to understand it's often fleeing luster.

Roses don't have the longest life span either; especially when we attempt to possess them.

The decay of life in one place, is the birthright of another.

Release of energy in one thing, is the energizing force in another.

The evaporating warmth in one chapter, provides a cooling effect in another.

The most faded photos still evoke the strongest memories.

The sight of, caused me to remember the scent of...

We are here to love.

We exist to be insulted and insulated by it.

We are hardened by it's brutality, and also softened by it's gentleness.

Permitted by it's patience, and mocked by it's broken promises.

Made courageous and cowardice.

Forged inside out, backwards, and forward in it's insanity.

Still wanting more... 

All-together, trying to make sense of it's senselessness.

Growing to hate each other for it, but hate is usually found in places love used to be. 

So here we are... 

Haunted, un-gathered.

Hunted and gathered.

Jeremiah Allen