Many say “When you have nothing good to say, say nothing.” This is exactly where I’ve been. Totally defeats the purpose of a blog, right?! Go figure... I’ve decided I’d use the feelings I’ve been wrestling with as fuel. The sole purpose of this blog is to connect deeper and speak on things seldom talked about. I also stood this blog up to serve as an open space, where I’d share my notes to self with anyone that found it interesting enough to walk with me.  

     In Greek mythology, Tantalus was sentenced to an eternity of bondage, in an oasis of all places. There were flowing springs running at his feet and delicious looking, ripe fruit dangling in his face. The trick was, whenever he knelt to quench his thirst, the water receded, leaving him thirsty. The fruit would withdraw just enough to remain out of his grasps, every time he extended his reach toward it. Everything he craved surrounded him, yet also eluded him. His prison was being locked in an Eden of beauty, he could never fully satisfy himself in. Many of us carry these feelings on the inside unbeknownst to society and even the people closest to us.  

     The main reason I made the lotus flower lapel pin was to counter these feelings and serve as a daily reminder to embody its traits, and bloom where it is. After reading the intro, I know how ironic that sounds! The thing is, we can’t allow our circumstances to define us. The lotus flower grows from the mud, of the bottom of the swamp’s floor. It emerges from the murkiness of some of nature’s most foul water, with its pedals pure and untarnished. What would be bondage or even certain death for most things, is ideal for this particular flower. It blooms beautifully despite the conditions it’s surrounded by. Why can’t I? Why can’t you? It is proof our environment doesn’t have to be an impediment or a death sentence, but an opportunity to be something beautiful amongst the decay. Again, this is a note to self I’m sharing with the kindred, I don’t know, but adore, just the same. Even in decay, new life grows into awe inspiring things. 

     Perhaps, now more than ever, we see just how fragile our way of life is. How can we make it beautiful, although the circumstances have been less than favorable? How can we emerge from the murkiness we’ve all had to face, and blossom exquisitely, as the lotus flower does so effortlessly? We do this by choosing to! By being dedicated to our growth and ensuring we’re properly nourished ourselves; and then making the conscious choice to intentionally place the fruit of goodness where people are starving for it. None of this can be executed feeling like I’m Tantalus reincarnated right?! Duh… Instead, I must redirect my focus on growing where I am and becoming fully realized regardless of things not being as ideal as I’d like them to be.